Passionate about
the Outdoors

As a family, we have always loved the outdoors and, because of this, have had a passion for natural and earth friendly products. For years we tried different brands never had much luck finding exactly what we were looking for. We realized that a lot of the so-called natural products are not always what they seemed.

Boone's Brand

Boone’s Soap Co. is an all natural soap and body care line offering incredible and effective products for both men and women.

Our products are perfect for everyday use and use only the best natural ingredients. Our soaps leave your skin feeling moisturized and hydrated, unlike typical store bought soaps and other shower care products.

From bar soap, shower care, and beard care, we have everything you need to look and feel your best. All of our products are handmade in America, so when you shop with Boone’s Soap Co. you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality.

Our Journey

Every time I would shower with a store bought bar soap, or an occasion shower gel, I felt like I had just washed my truck. It was utilitarian and bland, you know, just something to get the job done. There was no enjoyment from the experience at all. So we set out to offer a better bar of soap.

Why All Natural?

Boone’s Soap Co. was born.

We started with 10 great soaps, a lot of hard work and some loyal customers. To this day our Motto remains the same. We believe our customers appreciate the simplicity of that vision. Over time we have added more soaps to the line up, as well as some womens soaps and Beard Oils too!   Great soap and fast shipping.