The Manly Skin You're In

The Manly Skin You're In

Do men benefit from using soap specifically tailored for their skin? Men's skin has its own unique properties, along with individual and distinctly separate differences. So how are men's soaps different?

First things first. Men are typically exposed to different grimes and dirt. When you get dirt on your skin, usually a fatty oil-based matter, you wash with a soap, right? When you wash with water alone, non- oil-based dirt is washed away, while some form of that oil-based matter remains. As you know, oil and water don't mix, water simply flows over your skin without removing the dirt.

When you lather up with soap, the soap attaches to the dirt and prevents the dirt from reattaching to you, simple. The more you scrub, the more the soap attaches to dirt and it is then rinsed away from your skin. And that’s how soap cleans your skin.

Store bought, or commercial soap is basically a complicated cleansing agent formed from a mix of chemicals that the majority of people cannot even pronounce, let alone know how they affect their skin.

An unfortunate side effect of commercial soap is the stripping away of your natural oils and isn't a very good long-term situation for healthy, natural, manly skin. Commercial soaps add synthetic cleansers and detergents to improve lather, surfactants to assist in dirt suspension and hardeners. This is especially detrimental for men with sensitive skin or those that have experienced some form of irritation and rashes.

Men’s skin, compared to a woman’s skin is thicker, typically oilier and sweatier. It’s a good thing when you think about it in the long-term health of your skin. Nature has provided a natural protection from the elements and pollutants encountered. Because of this, acne breakouts can be an issue. One proven solution to help with Acne is Activated Charcoal soap. Oily toxic particles in and on the skin bind to the surface of the activated charcoal so that the toxin is less likely to be absorbed into the body. 

So how does natural soap moisturize your skin? It’s in the process, called saponification. It is the natural reaction in cold process soap production, and produces glycerin which acts as a humectant attracting and retaining moisture.

When shopping for soap, a great rule to follow… The shorter ingredient list, the better the soap.

Lastly is the scent. Men’s soap can have a manly woodsy scent, musk, or one of my favorites is Almond Spice. Unscented natural soap is also a very popular way to go as well.